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Connectivity Solutions

Professional R&D Services and Technology Expertise

In the Connectivity Solutions product and service area Bittium provides professional design services and technology expertise in the areas of wireless devices, network infrastructure, and IoT solutions. Bittium also conducts R&D in the technology areas of 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Cloud Solutions. Bittium has long experience in system design, technology integration, wireless radio and antenna technologies, and power optimized, small form-factor device development. The understanding of industry-specific requirements, strong competence in R&D services, wireless devices, digitalization and information security along with the ISO 13485:2016 quality certificate, covering the devices, and equipment for health care enable Bittium to create solutions which bring clear added value to our customers and partners.

Year 2019

Bittium continued to develop 5G technology and various connectivity solutions for its customers, mainly in Europe.

Along with its innovative product development services, Bittium launched a software robotics solution based on its own secure platform. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a method for streamlining business processes by automating laborious manual tasks, which are time-consuming, repetitive and prone to errors.

Market Outlook

Bittium´s customers operate in various industries, each of them having their own industry specific factors driving the demand. A common factor creating demand among the whole customer base is the growing need for higher quality and secure data transfer. Due to the technology competences accrued over time and long history in developing mobile communication solutions, Bittium is in a good position to offer customized solutions for its customers.

The following factors are expected to create demand for Bittium´s products and services in 2020 and beyond:

  • In the mobile telecommunications, the demand for 5G technology development work has stabilized and the implementation of 5G is accelerating in pace. Investments in developing new features continue and the importance of software development in the 5G network development expands. This creates demand for Bittium´s R&D services. There is a wide range of frequencies allocated for the 5G technology thus creating the need to develop multiple products to cover the market and creating demand for R&D services for development of product variants. Also the development of new devices utilizing 5G technology increases the demand for Bittium´s services.  
  • As the digitalization evolves, the secure IoT (Internet of Things) has become a significant development area in almost every industry. The increasing need of companies to digitalize their operations, collect data wirelessly and transfer it to the internet and cloud services generate need for Bittium´s services and customized solutions. The new radio systems customized to IoT are being used all over the world and the amount of digitalized devices increase continuously. 5G brings also new features in the IoT that enable i.e. remote control of machines. Therefore, the integration of different systems and technologies play an important role in enabling the complete digitalization service. To ease and speed up the processing of large data amounts there are different kinds of learning systems and devices under development that use different kinds of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.
  • Changes in the digitalization of the automotive industry and new business models and automation of automotive operations create a need for technological development. Most significant technology trends such as intelligent mobility, self-driving cars, electric cars and connectivity are guiding need for innovative software development. The share of software in cars is increasing in speed and software is becoming a major enabler and a differentiator. The use of Android™ Automotive operating system in the In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems is strongly entering the market. Several carmakers have announced the launch of cars with Android Automotive. Bittium´s more than a decade of experience with the Android operating system and the Google ecosystem combined with security know-how creates good business opportunities for this market.