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Strategic Guidelines, as Published in November  2016

In November 2016, Bittium Corporation has updated its strategy to strengthen its position in the global markets and to speed up its growth. During 2017, 2018 and 2019, Bittium has made no updates or changes in its strategy and continued systematically on its path towards the Company´s strategic goals. Strategic Guidelines published in November 2016 can be found on the company´s internet pages at:

Bittium´s business operations are divided in three product and service areas: Defense & Security, Connectivity Solutions and Medical Technologies.

Defense & Security

In the Defense & Security product and service area Bittium offers globally leading products and services for its customers in the defense, security and public safety markets. Bittium aims to significantly increase investments in various authority and special terminals as well as in related software development and extend its tactical communication product portfolio for defense industry. Growth in the net sales is sought especially from own products and product platforms that Bittium offers for international defense and public safety markets.

Bittium´s competitiveness in these markets is based on trust and reliability, high quality of the products and services, as well as on advanced technology and security know-how developed within the Company during the last 30 years. Bittium offers its customers in the defense market new kind of efficiency for their management systems with products that enable faster data transfer, better mobility, and superior compatibility with other communication systems.

In the public safety markets the transition towards LTE-based technology is expected to accelerate in the next few years. As the security threats are growing, increasingly more security demands are set for the communication systems. Bittium increases investments in developing its product offering further for these markets. The Company also continues offering public safety markets R&D services to develop special terminals and related systems that use both terrestrial and satellite networks.

In the defense, security and public safety markets, there are signs of unification regarding technologies as well as in security demands. Also many customers, partners and supply chains are mostly the same and the trend towards this is strengthening.
Bittium merged two separate product and service areas into one and with that synergy Bittium is able to serve better the customers in defense and security technology.

The defense, security and public safety markets are slowly evolving markets by their nature. They are characterized by long sales cycles driven by the national governments´ long preparation periods of projects and purchase programs. The purchases of the selected products are typically executed over several years.

Connectivity Solutions

The development of wireless technology continues and digitalization creates growing need for wireless connections. Bittium offers R&D services and wireless connectivity solutions for its customers, and the demand is expected to increase within the next few years. The competitiveness of the Company in these markets is based on the strong technology and security competence, as well as on trust, reliability and quality. The more critical the system is, the more significant role Bittium´s strengths have.

The demand for developing 4G technology-based network equipment is decreasing as the technology and market reach their maturity. However, Bittium is already strongly involved in the development of 5G technology, which in the long run gives the Company a good position to offer even more advanced connectivity solutions also for customers in other markets.

Medical Technologies

In the healthcare sector, remote monitoring and home care markets are growing strongly. Patient monitoring in the hospital environment is also changing into wireless. These trends create demand for the digitalization of services, wireless capability and secure connections. For these markets Bittium decided to establish a new product and service area around healthcare technology. As the first step to build the competencies in healthcare technology, on November 10, 2016 Bittium acquired Mega Electronics Ltd., a company specialized in measuring and monitoring biosignals.

Combining healthcare technologies with Bittium´s long-term experience and competence in wireless and security technologies gives Bittium good conditions to serve its customers in healthcare sector by offering them new kinds of products and services.

Bittium plans to strengthen its product and service offering for these markets also by searching for acquisition targets that complements the whole.